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IPE Update: Epic Games v. Sperry Ends

Another Epic Games lawsuit has come to a close. Plaintiff Epic Games and defendant Joseph Sperry, a.k.a “Spoezy” in a lawsuit related to the creation and distribution of cheat software for the video game Fortnite. According to the lawsuit filed by Epic, Sperry promoted, marketed, and sold the cheats to third parties for financial gain, […]

Japan Criminalizes Editing Save Games, Punishable With Jail Time And Fines

Today’s news comes to us from Japan, and if you thought the recent Korean law criminalizing paid boosting was an overreach, just wait until you see this. Japanese lawmakers passed an amendment to the Unfair Competition Prevention law that makes the modification of save game data illegal within the country. The law not only effects […]

Z1 Battle Royale: We Ban By Hardware ID, and Hardware ID Scramblers

Z1 Battle Royale has been on a warpath since being taken over by NantG Mobile, and Jace Hall wants everyone to know that the company is taking cheating very seriously. In a post on Twitter, Hall noted that over 800 accounts were banned on December 7 alone with plenty more to come. In response to […]

IPE Update: Brandon Lucas Files Motion to Dismiss Epic Lawsuit

Brandon Lucas has filed a motion to dismiss in North Carolina court this week. Lucas is currently being sued by Epic Games over causes of copyright infringement, breach of contract, interference with contractual relations, and unfair/deceptive trade & unfair competition in relation to alleged cheating and promotion of cheats in Fortnite. The Defendant Brandon Lucas […]

Blizzard’s Court Victory: Bossland Hit With $8.6 Million In Damages

Blizzard has emerged victorious in its lawsuit against Bossland, a cheat maker based in Germany. The court ruled that Bossland is to pay $8.6 million in damages, with the potential for more to cover Blizzard’s legal costs, and set forward an injunction preventing the company from selling their products in the United States. Bossland has […]

Steam Sales: Counter Strike Is Not Giftable This Year

The Steam Summer Sale is upon us, and that means one thing: people stockpiling on cheap copies of Counter Strike: Global Offensive in order to dole them out to burner accounts to use for hacking/griefing purposes once the sale is done. Why would someone spend a ton of money just to cheat in Counter Strike? […]

Rainbow Six Siege: Ubisoft Now Bans On First Offense

Ubisoft is following in the line of Blizzard and taking a hard line stance against cheating in Rainbow Six Siege. In a code of conduct update, players have been warned that cheating is now a permanent ban on the first offense. In addition, the team is considering use of third party anti-cheat options like Fairfight that […]

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