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City of Heroes Details Reimbursement

Sorry, City Of Heroes players. NCSoft has finally broken their silence over the incoming shut down of City Of Heroes, and it wasn’t to announce that the talks with Paragon Studios and player support had moved them to change their minds. Rather, the publisher announced the expected round of compensation and reimbursement. Players who were […]

Night Cap: Save City of Heroes, Save NCSoft

Welcome to your night cap. If you pay attention to MMO news, odds are you already know that City of Heroes will be shutting down this November 30th. That is, of course, assuming NCSoft completely dismisses the overwhelming support given by the community and Paragon Studios to keep the game running. But for all intent […]

City of Heroes Isn’t Going Down Without A Fight

NCSoft may have announced that City of Heroes is shutting down on November 30th, but that doesn’t mean the community (or Paragon Studios for that matter) are going down without a fight. Since the announcement, the community has rallied in multiple ways, from encouraging users to write to NCSoft, setting up rallies in-game and on […]

City Of Heroes Sunsetting Later This Year

In a news post on the City of Heroes website today, Andy Belford has announced that Paragon Studios will be shutting down, and City of Heroes will be closing by the end of the year. The reason given in the article is “realignment of company focus” at NCSoft. Effective immediately, all subscription services and paragon […]

NCSoft Q2 2012: Profits Down, Revenue Up

NCSoft has released its finances for the second quarter of 2012, and considering that the major MMO news sites suddenly care enough to report on it, I can only assume that there is some drama to be had. Compared to last quarter, revenues are up thanks to solid Lineage sales and royalties, however NCSoft is […]

NCSoft Q1 2012: Aion/Lineage Up, Lineage 2 Down

NCSoft has published their first quarter finances, and as always there is good news and bad news. Quarterly sales were up, although profits were down nearly 20% due to increased labor cost, royalty expenses, and other factors. Korea grew due with sound in-game item sales, while Japan dropped. Aion and Lineage performed strongly. Lineage 2 […]

City of Heroes Dropping Localization In France/Germany

Community Manager Andy Belford over at Paragon Studios would like to thank you all for the tremendous support of the European communities ever since City of Heroes went live, and subsequently free. That is, except for the French and German communities who have not “seen rapid growth” in the past. As a result, Paragon Studios […]

NCSoft Q4 Finances: Sales/Profit Down

NCSoft has posted their fourth quarter finances. Sales were hit with a 6% loss since the last quarter, with operating profit reportedly taking a 51% hit and net income down 42% since last quarter. NCSoft attributes the decline in sales and profits due to scaled back in-game item sales. Year over year sales from 2011 […]

NCSoft Third Quarter Finances: Profit/Revenues Down

NCSoft has released its financial documents for the third quarter, and the report starts with “Revenue and Operating Income came down due to soft promotions for in-game items sales versus Q2.” In fact, the publisher is reporting a 22% loss quarter over quarter and 32% year over year loss in operating profit, as well as […]

City of Heroes Officially Free

Dust the cobwebs off of that old City of Heroes account, kids, because everyone’s favorite super hero MMO from that time only us old people remember is officially free. For new players, head on over to this website to get started with a new account. For prior subscribers, all you have to do is log […]

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