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Guild Wars 2 Partially Disables Gem Store For Belgian Players

Arenanet has confirmed in a statement that a recent change blocking Belgian players from accessing the gem store is indeed a response to local legislation regarding loot boxes. Arenanet staffer Gaile Gray noted that Arenanet is seeking “flexible solutions,” and that for the time being purchases of certain “We recently disabled Gem purchases for players […]

Marvel Heroes Omega: Better Loot, More Costumes, Less Choice

Big changes are coming to Marvel Heroes Omega with how the game treats drops. According to an announcement revealed this week, Gazillion plans on taking the loot box and making it more substantive. For starters, while previously the boxes could only be obtained via the cash shop, they will now be granted at specific character […]

Perfect World Entertainment Claims Lockboxes Preview As Bug

Perfect World Entertainment has dug itself into a controversy this week as the company made the announcement that loot previews are being removed from lockboxes. According to a post on the main website, although this feature has been in the game for a long time, it is evidently a bug. As such, the “bug” is […]

Neverwinter Removing Dyes, Fashions From Store

Perfect World Entertainment has announced with today’s update that multiple items have been removed from the Zen store in Neverwinter. We were first informed of this update back in October, with the publisher revealing that cosmetic fashions and dyes would be removed in an effort to make trade bars more useful. As part of a […]

MMOments: Neverwinter Key Test

Neverwinter is a game that I’ve had quite a bit of fun in lately. Between the game’s constant events, my slow progress of leveling up my character, and distractions of daily life preventing me from playing too much, I finally managed to nearly hit the game’s level cap. As I write this, I’m sitting at […]

Lockboxes Illegal? Cryptic Would Rather Dump Your Country

It’s been almost two years since Bill Roper has had anything to do with Cryptic Studios, but with some of the recent money-related decisions made by the developer, you would never know he’d left. Not long ago, Cryptic introduced lockboxes, cash shop items that have the chance at offering valuable items to the players who […]

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