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Funcom Q1 2012 Finances

Funcom today released the financial details for the first quarter of 2012, and the results are mixed. Age of Conan continues to be Funcom’s major source of income, although revenue is down due to the release of a “large competitor.” Revenues dropped from 3,389 TUSD in Q1 2011 to 2,293 TUSD this quarter. The Secret […]

NCSoft Q1 2012: Aion/Lineage Up, Lineage 2 Down

NCSoft has published their first quarter finances, and as always there is good news and bad news. Quarterly sales were up, although profits were down nearly 20% due to increased labor cost, royalty expenses, and other factors. Korea grew due with sound in-game item sales, while Japan dropped. Aion and Lineage performed strongly. Lineage 2 […]

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