Valve Allows Then Bans Pirated Game On Steam

As developer tries to cover tracks.

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The Division 2 Is About To Hit Steam

Only four years after the fact.

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Steam: Valve Bans Developer SimFabric

Likely for review manipulation.

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2022 Steam Games On Big Discount

Your mileage may vary.

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Warzone 2.0 Launch Has Steam Angry

Game sits at 37% “mostly negative” rating.

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Lost Ark Was Just Kidding About Those Pheons

Accidentally gives out free stuff.

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Steam: Scam Superman Game Nuked

Valve removes title after DMCA takedown.

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Crowfall Is Shutting Down Already

Temporarily. Wink.

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Dark and Darker Announces Alpha Test 3

For December.

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Steam: Vermintide 2 Is Free You Know

This week.

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