Jagged Alliance Online Now On Steam


As previously announced, Jagged Alliance Online is now available for download and play on Steam. The free to play MMO was originally launched on browsers via Gamigo’s game portal, and is expanding its visibility to the Steam community. The game weighs in at a rather light two gigabytes of storage space and recommends a 2.4ghz processor and at least four gigabytes of ram. As with the browser version, Jagged Alliance Online is always online and naturally requires a constant internet connection.

While the original game is free, Steam is offering 10% off until June 12th on two DLC packs. Each pack costs $29.99 ($26.99 on sale) and contains 80 new contracts, extra rewards, achievements, prestige contracts, an exclusive mercenary and $150,000 in cash. Check it out at the link below.

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Eve Online Could Be Receiving Steam Workshop Treatment


This Eve image is still current, right? I’m sure someone will tell me if it isn’t. Rejoice, netizens, for Eve Online is on Steam! What’s that? Eve Online has been for sale on Steam for longer than MMO Fallout has existed? Oh. Well, starting today (if today is May 30th), you will be able to purchase Eve Online subscriptions as well as PLEX through Steam itself, rather than through CCP’s billing system. The program to allow subscriptions directly through Steam was launched alongside Darkfall: Unholy Wars.

Enough about that, though. According to CCP, the developer is looking further into Steam integration, including the Community Hub and even Steam Workshop, a hub where players can create and submit their own custom content for various supported titles.

“Other aspects of Steam we are potentially very interested in are the Community Hub and Steam Workshop. Our community team has already started looking into the possibilities here, and we would love to hear your feedback on this as well.”

No clue on what players would be able to create via Workshop, and hopefully more details will be coming in the next few months. It is worth noting that the new subscription plan does not extend to existing accounts at the moment.

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City of Steam Successfully Greenlit on Steam


Congratulations are in order for the team at Mechanist Games for the successful Greenlighting of City of Steam on Steam Greenlight. City of Steam joins as one of the twenty titles approved in the sixth batch of games to be given the go ahead by Valve to release on the mega-platform. City of Steam is an upcoming browser game built for the UNITY web player and set in an industrial fantasy world with Steampunk elements. Players are able to take control of eleven races of creatures with four classes to choose from.

City of Steam is currently in between beta stages and is set for release sometime before Tupac finishes releasing new albums.

Jagged Alliance Online Coming To Steam


Cliffhanger Productions has some good news. The latest update from the Shadowrun Online Kickstarter deals with introducing armor and what effect it will have on players in the upcoming MMO when it comes out (hopefully) later this year. On the other hand, the folks had some good news about Jagged Alliance Online, which not so long ago launched its 2.0 version: It is coming to Steam.

We are bringing our current released game Jagged Alliance Online to Steam and we have been getting in more artists and QA to help us work on SRO.

Jagged Alliance Online can currently be played via web browser through Gamigo’s game services.

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Wizardry Online Pulled From Steam To Address Issues


Wizardry Online has officially launched, and the problems appear to be stacking against Sony Online Entertainment. Players are reporting issues including being unable to create characters, rampant server instability, a mass of gold farmer spam in chat, disconnections and other bugs resulting in item loss and permanent death, and more. While Sony runs around performing maintenance on the servers and releasing patch after patch in an attempt to fix the issues, several keen players on the forums noted that Wizardry Online has been removed from Steam.

SOE Community Manager Piestro posted to confirm that Wizardry has been removed, but that the removal was voluntary and performed by Sony itself, not Valve.

It wasn’t steam, we’ve removed the download for the time being as we resolve the current issues.

Wizardry Online will presumably be added back to the Steam library once the issues are ironed out.

(Source: Wizardry Forums)

Darkfall Finds Itself On Steam Greenlight

Darkfall: Unholy Wars launches December 12th, 2012, and with luck you may be able to get it on Steam. Aventurine has posted the upcoming revamp to Darkfall to be voted on by the masses and, if the tides are right, approved by Valve to be released on Steam. You can head to the link below to vote for Darkfall: Unholy Wars, even if the game doesn’t get approved by December 12th, hopefully it will be greenlit eventually.

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Steam Summer Sales Assault The Wallet

It’s sale time, so get out your wallet and replace the next month’s meals with Ramen because this year is looking fantastic. Right now there aren’t many deals in the MMO realm to speak of, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get in the fun! Check out the current sales below. Remember, as always, prices are in USD and may vary by region. MMO Fallout does not guarantee that items are not region locked, so please read carefully before making your purchase.

Robert Culp, Dr. Breen, Dies At 79

We meet at last, Dr. Freeman.

Seeing as this is MMO Fallout, with an emphasis on the MMO, I try to keep topics related to the MMO business. That being said, I always have a special place open on MMO Fallout for Valve and any Valve related news pieces of note (not Valve exclusively, but you get the point). Most of you know who Robert Culp is, even if you can’t bring up a name. The actor starred in I Spy, Golden Girl, and more.

More notably to many of the MMO Fallout readers, he also played Doctor Breen in the video game Half Life 2.

Breen’s speech in song:

In Pace Requiescat. I’m going to go play Half Life 2.

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