MapleStory Explains Server Mergers With Worlds Unite Academy

MapleStory is merging servers and Nexon wants to make sure that you know exactly what is happening. The existing worlds will be reduced to five in the North American region: Scania, Bera, Aurora, Elysium, and the Reboot server.

Maintenance starts late on August 27 and the servers aren’t expected to be back up until some time on August 28. Nexon recommends that you don’t fashion weapons out of cookware and creeping down dark alleys looking for hogs. Instead, you can mow some lawns, build a website, or do some reading. You’ll be limited to fifty characters. If you had purchased character slots that exceed this amount, the cost will be credited to your account. Nexon notes that you have until January 2020 in order to decide which characters are going to be kept, otherwise the game will keep the 50 highest leveled people.

More information can be found at the official website.

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