RuneScape Kicks Off New Yak Track

With big experience buffs.

RuneScape’s next battle pass is here. The Yak Track runs from August 23 through October 3 and contains 50 levels of stuff to obtain by slogging through RuneScape’s grind factory. This time around the Yak Track has more tasks oriented around simply gaining experience, with herblore and thieving tasks converted to “gain xp” and all archaeology tasks also oriented around gaining experience rather than creating a set number of items.

Premium members will notice a 25% experience buff that increases by 1% every five tasks completed up to level 45, after which reaching level 50 unlocks an additional 16% increase.

This time though, all is not well in the world of Gielinor. Johanhus Ulsbrecht, leader of the dangerous Humans Against Monsters cult, has found a new ideology to latch onto – that of the great and terrible Elder Gods. This time, you won’t just be completing tasks and earning great rewards – you’ll also find out what Johanhus is up to! Can you put a stop to it before things get out of hand?

More information including patch notes available on the official website.

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