Steam: Ubisoft Unretires Might & Magic X

Silently updates game to fix DLC.

Way back on June 24, MMO Fallout reported that Ubisoft was still selling a busted game. Might & Magic X had become unplayable thanks to Ubisoft shutting down a server and blocking the expansion DLC plus anything past the first act of the game. Responses from Ubisoft representatives at the time acknowledged the complaint and promised it would be investigated. And then in July they just straight up retired the game from sale. Many assumed that was the fix, but it still left the game broken for those who bought it.

The good news is that Might & Magic X is unretired as of today, and it appears that Ubisoft went through on their promise to fix it. The answer appears to be updating Might & Magic X into a version that simply includes the DLC and doesn’t require any external authorization. Might & Magic X does now cost $30, a $5 upcharge from before to include the DLC price. Previous owners who didn’t have the Falcon and the Unicorn DLC should presumably have it now.

And that’s how the story ends.

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