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Good Old Games Launches FCK DRM Initiative

Good Old Games, the online game store infamous for its anti-DRM policies, has launched a new initiative to let the world know just how it feels about anti-consumer copyright protection schemes. The movement, cleverly dubbed FCK DRM, is in partnership with Defective By Design and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and aims to feature services whose […]

[NM] Sonic Mania Gets Review Bombed Over Unannounced DRM

Sonic Mania is the latest target of Steam review bombing as users leave frustrated, negative reviews to protest unannounced design decisions. Launched on PC just yesterday, Sonic Mania is currently on the receiving end of a number of negative reviews in response to Sega’s decision to use Denuvo DRM. While Denuvo has shown to be […]

Ubisoft: 95% of Our Consumers Are Pirates

Here is a quick lesson on public relations: Try not to outright insult an entire group of your userbase. Ghost Recon Online, the free to play title coming out on PC and WiiU, is meant to replace the console version coming next year, which will not be ported to PC. In an interview with PC […]

What Happened This Week: Love Your Thread Title Edition

MMO Fallout wouldn’t be what it is today (and that isn’t say much as it is) without the inspiration I receive from reading forum posts, so this week’s Week In Review is dedicated to all of the completely non-biased people out there who registered at to explain to me why x-company is a scam […]

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