Fracture: Tenrai Event Comes Back

Week two of the event is now live.

Halo: Infinite has brought back the Fracture: Tenrai event. Week 2 of the limited event runs from January 4 through January 10 where it will go away until it returns for week 3 from February 1 through February 7.

The good news for all players is that Bungie listened to the feedback from the first week and implemented some changes. Foremost players can now progress through 10 tiers per week. Under the new system, players will always have a Tenrai-related challenge in their profile to progress through (provided they are able to) meaning no more grinding through dailies to hopefully get a Tenrai mission.

Where players were only able to progress 7 tiers of their Event Pass in the week of the first Fractures: Tenrai event (November 23-30, 2021), players can now progress 10 tiers per week. By design, you will still have to participate in multiple weeks to obtain everything in the Tenrai Event Pass, but we hope this extra buffer will help expedite progression for highly engaged players.

Cosmetic-lovers should be happy to see that all of the post tier-10 rewards have been replaced with cosmetics.

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