Vindictus Releases New Raid

For Vindictus.

Vindictus fans have some new tasks this summer as Nexon dropped the latest raid for the game. Season 4, Episode 5 Extra Raid: Cavern of Enmity puts players up against the enigmatic Casar. Meanwhile a log-in event is up and running until July 12. Log in every day for 30 minutes to receive a variety of goodies including blessing stones, potions, and experience capsules. Log in for 14 days and receive the White Feather/White Butterfly Dance Outfit set.

The set grants 5+ Wardrobe Points, 20+ Attack and +5 In-town Movement Speed. Also meanwhile, players of at least level 105 will be able to rent +13 Milletian gear until September 20. The stats and appearances of the rented gear can’t be changed, and for obvious reasons can’t be traded or sold on the market. For more details, check out the event page.

Source: Press Release

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