Wild Terra 2 Barely Punishes Gold Sellers

As the game continues to die.

Proving the idea that if a game exists, someone will be selling goods for real money, Juvty Worlds announced this week that action has been taken against real money traders in Wild Terra 2. A completely feckless slap on the wrist in the form of resetting in-game funds, one that historically has little to no deterring effect on such conduct, but action nonetheless. Eleven players were named.

We strive to ensure that the game is as fair as possible and discourage trading for real money. As a first warning, we have reset in-game funds for the following merchants.

It’s easy to see why Juvty Worlds is hesitant to permanently ban players even for real money trading, as the game continues to fail to gather a notable player base during its tenure in early access. Were eleven players to be removed from the game as of this posting, it would cull nearly one third of the 35 players presently online.

But given Wild Terra 2’s increasing unfriendliness toward new players and Juvty’s inability/unwillingness to rectify the issues pushing new players away from the game, perhaps the best the company can hope for is to give superficial punishment in the hopes those players actually keep playing, maybe buy some DLC packs, and make the game look less dead. The numerous free weekends this game has hosted over the last year don’t seem to be convincing anyone.

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