Abandonware: Divergence Online Forced Off Sale

One of Ethan Casner’s scams.

Ethan Casner is a name we haven’t heard from in years since he retired from game development and left his titles up on the store abandoned. Divergence: Online and Divergence: Year Zero’s existence on Steam was perpetuating a scam, something we’ve been trying to get Valve to take action on for years. And it appears someone finally got around to checking the Steam page because as of earlier today, Divergence: Online has been forced into retirement. Five years too late, but better late than never.

Divergence: Year Zero is still up on Steam and is still a scam, selling for $20 a nonfunctional game by a developer who shut down his business over half a decade ago. The positive side is that there’s probably no chance anyone is seeing it or buying it, but once Valve completely buries the embarrassing legacy that was Stained Glass Llama, the better off the platform will be.

This all appears to be part of a broader effort by Valve to forcibly retire games from developers that are no longer in business, particularly revolving around games that are no longer functional. Hey Valve, we’ve got a whole page of them.

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