Failed MMO Legends of Aria Pitches $70 Pay To Win Pack

In case you didn’t feel fleeced the first time the game failed.

Editor’s note: As a courtesy to Moonglow Games, MMO Fallout has updated their studio name from the previous Reaper Games. Some of the jokes may no longer make sense in the context of the new studio.

Legends of Aria is many things, specifically a failed MMO that launched in August 2019 for the price of $30, peaked at about 1,170 users on Steam before most of those players abandoned ship within the following three months. A failed MMO that fully launched in July 2020 as a free to play game only to see an unsustainable drop in users collapse to double digit figures that very same year. A failed MMO that was poached by the suitably named company Moonglow Games and converted into a blockchain title. Because that’s what happens to all the failed MMOs these days, they end up on on the blockchain as failed relaunches.

Legends of Aria, which I will remind you failed to draw in users at $30 or even for free, is now trying to entice suckers with a $70 limited pay to win pack. As announced on the Discord, the pack is limited to 250 supply, costs about $70 USD, and includes characters pre-built with seven skills at varying levels of training depending on your tier. You also gain experience at a rate of 200% the normal drop and receive exclusive access to other digital nonsense to lose your money on. Your tier of course is completely random and drawn at the point of purchase, because make no mistake nothing in this pack is fair.

Now you might be asking yourself “what good is spending $70 on a pre-built character for a game that’s already failed once? Won’t the only other people be the 249 other suckers who also bought their characters?” Great question, and one you’re clearly smart enough to know the answer to before you asked.

The Legends of Aria uses the Solaria currency, which abbreviates to SOL, which is perfectly fitting because anyone who spends $70 on the relaunch of a failed MMO is going to be shit out of luck when the economy collapses and the game’s population flatlines the second time around. And by flatlines I mean never gets off the ground, because launching a failed MMO on the blockchain is only slightly less off-putting to your average gamer than launching the game with the flag of Hamas on your corporate website.

Otherwise I have no opinion on the matter.

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