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Jagex Hides AFK Magic Trainers From New Players

Jagex is very concerned with how new players take in their first few minutes in RuneScape, and they are kind of concerned regarding the impression players are getting from logging in and seeing the starting area full of players in high level armor fighting rats. Magic splashing is a widespread method of training the skill, […]

Blizzard Promises Bans For Overwatch AFKers

Blizzard has put AFKers on notice: According to a recent forum post, Overwatch is targeting some bad hombres, specifically players who create or join custom games with the intent of farming experience. Going forward, if players even think about joining a custom game with the intent of farming experience while away from keyboard, they may […]

ArcheAge Lifts Prohibition On AFK Players

AFK players are the scourge of ArcheAge, or at least they were up until this week’s update. Today’s scheduled downtime brought with it the removal of ArcheAge’s AFK timer. Now players can log in and sit still to their heart’s content. We decided to perform this week’s scheduled downtime earlier rather than later to deliver […]

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