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Giveaway: MU Legend 2nd Beta

MMO Fallout has once again partnered with Webzen to give away beta keys for MU Legend, the second closed beta period set to start on February 21st. All you need to know going forward is that if you have a beta key from previous dates, you don’t need a new one. The work has already […]

Triad Wars Beta Key Giveaway

I’m pleased to announce that MMO Fallout is teaming up with United Front Games to distribute beta keys for Triad Wars. Triad Wars is an upcoming MMO set in the world of Sleeping Dogs, with players given the role of kingpin to a growing criminal empire in Hong Kong. We have one thousand beta keys to […]

City of Steam Giveaway: Part Two

It’s only November and yet it already feels like Christmas. City of Steam is heading into closed beta! What is City of Steam, you ask? City of Steam is an upcoming MMO by Mechanist Games, based in the Unity3D engine and set in a steam powered, industrial world. Players are able to choose from ten […]

Announcing the MMO Fallout Free Stuff Stash

Who doesn’t like free stuff? I know I love free stuff, and that is why I want to give all of you free stuff. Every now and then, I come across free stuff from betas I participate in to simply free codes and invites that I come across or receive from developers. I want to […]

Glitch Beta Key Giveaway

[UPDATE] I have more invites, so comments have been reopened. Again, remember you will need a legitimate, active email address and to answer the email I send you to confirm. It’s been a long time since Tiny Speck opened Glitch up to the public: Ten months by my count. But a few days ago, Tiny […]

50,000 Guild Wars 2 Beta Keys From

Guild Wars 2 releases at the end of next month, meaning the opportunities for beta testing are winding down. Luckily, has your back. Both general members and premium subscribers will be able to grab one of over 50,000 beta keys to the upcoming weekend event. The beta event lasts from July 20th to the […]

Ghost Recon Online Keys: First Come First Serve

Hey there. If you’ve been looking for Ghost Recon Online keys, look no more. MMO Fallout has three keys to give away, listed below, first come first serve. Follow the instructions to redeem your key. GRN-N9NM-CA9V-CAQQ-BHTY GRN-N9TG-DMLX-3YWG-L73C GRN-N9TM-JP9Q-K6G8-WGCL Follow @mmofallout on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS for the drop on future beta keys and […]

Get Early Planetside 2 Beta Key in PC Gamer

This notice is specifically for our friends in North America. If you pick up a copy of the latest edition of PC Gamer (April), the cover is for Planetside 2. Inside, however, there is an excellent coverage of Planetside 2 including a priority beta key. Grab a copy, get your key, and add it to […]

Falling Out #14: Tribes Ascend Beta Key Giveaway

That is correct. Below you will see four beta keys, each with numbers replaced by question marks. By using the clues provided, simply replace the missing numbers and activate your key here (you will need to register a Hi-Rez account if you don’t already have one). The first Myst game released this year. The Gameboy launches […]

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