Epic Commits All Fortnite Proceeds To Ukraine

Through April 3.

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Epic Games Halts Sales In Russia

No more Fortnite V-Bucks.

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Fortnite’s Latest Pack Is Easy Leveling

$12 for 28 levels.

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Fortnite’s Foundation Challenge Makes Us Evil

Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

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Fortnite Releases New Currency, It’s Broken

Gather feathers to unlock masks. Or don’t.

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Fortnite Adds Pizza Party Consumable

Fleens? You’re not Fleens. Whoever you are, make me a pizza!

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Tilted Towers Returns To Fortnite

Just wiped out Tomato Town.

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Fortnite Remains Offline Due To Server Issues

Alcohol levels reach critically low levels in households with children.

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Diaries From Fortnite: Wanta Shanta

Don’t you wanna?

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Diaries From Fortnite: Get A Load Of Chapter 3

Everything is different, yet at the same time very similar.

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