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H1Z1 Goes Free To Play Following Population Drop

In the past four years, H1Z1 has been announced, launched into early access, promised as a free to play title, converted into a pay to play game, split into two products, rebranded, and now Daybreak Game Company is going back on its original decision to go back on its decision to launch the game as […]

Jagex Announces Seasonal Deadman, $10,000 Tournaments

With Deadman now six weeks out of launch, Jagex has revealed their plans for the game in the upcoming year. As previously discussed in our interview with Mat K, part of the idea for next year is to have seasonal deadman, a separate set of servers that run on independent rules and are wiped once […]

Old School Deadman Introduces Survival PvP

Jagex has unveiled the latest game mode for Old School RuneScape, dubbed Deadman. In Deadman mode, the entire world is open pvp except for certain safe zones. By killing other players in the world, you are given the opportunity to raid their bank for one inventory (28 slots) worth of items. On the other hand, […]

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