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Black Desert Sees Second Major Update

Pearly Abyss this week launched the second major update for Black Desert on Playstation 4. The update introduces Awakening status for all ten classes, as well as two new classes and a new region. Awakening is a feature that permanently boosts a character’s power and allows them to unlock new skills and abilities. The two […]

Black Desert: Be A Ninja, Right Now

Do you want to be a ninja? Of course you do. Pearl Abyss today announced the release of the latest class for Black Desert on the Xbox One and unlike with the Shai class, you won’t need to go through the hullabaloo of pre-making your character for when it launches in a few weeks. It’s […]

Black Desert Online Previews Ninja/Kunoichi Classes

Black Desert Online is previewing its July 20th update, introducing the ninja and kunoichi classes as announced by Kakao Games (Formerly Daum). The update also introduces a skill addon system, allowing attacks to be customized with up to two effects. Prior to this update on the 20th, Black Desert Online players will see the launch […]

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