That Hellgate VR Game Released, Nobody Noticed

You don’t need a headset to have passed this over.

Way back in 2017 T3Fun announced that they were working on a virtual reality Hellgate title. Since then the company has gone completely silent and I think most people assumed that the game had silently been swept under the rug and cancelled. It makes sense, since Hellgate: Global was a dismal failure and the single player relaunch on Steam back in 2018 went terribly and was pretty much universally hated due to bad performance glitches.

Fast forward to 2021 and it turns out Hellgate VR came out. Like two weeks ago. Hellgate VR launched on March 31 and not as an early April Fool’s prank. It looks…bad.

Reviews note that the game strips out pretty much everything you might expect or want from a Hellgate title, like character progression or loot, the game is completely single player, and doesn’t even have things like ammo pickups. In addition to low textures and its high price ($35), Hellgate VR has garnered a 21% mostly negative rating on Steam from 19 reviews.

19 reviews? Holy irrelevance Batman. Somewhere David Brevik and Bill Roper weep.