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Diaries From H1Z1: How Does It Get Continually Worse?

I want to talk about H1Z1 on the Playstation 4. H1Z1 has become the Battle Royale of choice for me, partially because I have invested enough time and money ($20) into the game that I’d rather not start anew on another BR title and partially because I like the simplistic gameplay. I don’t have the […]


IPE Update: When Riot Sued Over A League of Legends Ripoff

Way back in the distant year of 2017 I reported on the case of Riot Games v. Shanghai Moonton Technology Co., and due to a case of poor diligence on my part, I never actually followed up on that case. The gist of the lawsuit is simple; Riot filed lawsuit in California court alleging copyright […]

Snapshots: Trust In Destiny

Today’s Snapshots comes to us from Destiny 2 where I’m going to take a moment to bring attention to my beautiful hand cannon Trust. It probably isn’t the best hand cannon in the game by far, but it has heart and looks pretty damn cool with the copper skin I attached to it. Look forward […]

Bad Press: How The Net Got Scammed By (Yet Another) Marketing Scheme

In the world of marketing, you’re only as valuable as the number of people still talking about you. This is why Coca Cola, a company who you could only be unfamiliar with if you live in one of those tribes that hasn’t yet come into contact with outside society, spends billions (with a B) of […]

IPE Update: Settlement Negotiations and Sanctions Ahoy!

On the last episode of In Plain English: Trion Worlds was issued a subpoena to produce information regarding the sale of assets to Gamigo, we learned about Golden Gate Games Inc, another entity that may possess some of Trion’s assets and whom the plaintiff intended on serving with deposition paperwork and possibly add as a […]

MindArk Talks: Entropia Universe 16th Anniversary

Those of you who keep tabs on the industry will remember that Entropia Universe turns 16 this year, meaning that not only can the game now drive in most states, but it retains its discount card along with the other long-lasting MMOs.¬†As it goes, I had to know what their secret was. Thankfully MindArk was […]

Falling Out #5: The Best Laid Plans

And they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you pesky Reddit nerds.

Black Desert Online Launches Today

Black Desert officially hits Xbox One today, says developer Pearl Abyss. The base game can be purchased for $9.99 USD and contains instant access, with higher editions at $29.99 (standard), $49.99 (Deluxe), and $99.99 (Ultimate). The full release starts with a 55 level cap. Pearl Abyss also announced the Black Desert Partners Program, which looks […]

Anthem Is Hard-Crashing On Playstation 4

Anthem on PS4 may be more of a hazard than previously known. A growing number of users on the official Reddit have begun reporting issues regarding Anthem not just crashing, but completely shutting down their Playstation 4. The thread has garnered a number of confirmations from other players noting that the system treats the shutdown […]

Falling Out #4: To Hell and Back…To HR

On this episode of Falling Out, Bobby Kotick comes face to face with a force so evil that even he is powerless…Human Resources. Sprites created by Stephen Challener (Open Game Art)