Pearl Abyss Announces Next Gen Black Desert

Xbox Series S|X and PlayStation 5.

Pearl Abyss announced today that Black Desert will receive next-gen console support in the future. The title is available on both platforms in backwards compatibility mode at the moment, but this update will presumably introduce more specific upgrades to the newer generation.

Meanwhile the latest Season+ server launched on PC this week, with the console version coming in October. Season+ servers offer faster leveling and better rewards to get player alts up to speed. On September 9, Black Desert will launch the growth pass, making upgrading your gear much easier. New players on PC can earn a copy of the novice edition of Black Desert Online by leveling a character up to 50 before their trial period ends. The trial period has been extended to 14 days between September 15 and October 6 to make this easier.

Source: Black Desert press release

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