Gameforge Sunsets Kingdom Under Fire 2

Servers coming down in October.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is dead, at least under Gameforge. Gameforge announced via the Steam store page earlier today that servers for Kingdom Under Fire 2 will go offline this October. As of this post, the game is no longer available on Steam to new users, and as of this post it is no longer possible to top up your account with premium currency.

Dear Bersians,
regrettably, we must announce today that the time has come to cease the fighting on the battlefields of Bersia: Gameforge will discontinue the operation of KINGDOM UNDER FIRE 2 on 26/10/2021. We look back on epic mass battles, hordes of enemies and, in particular, a unique community. We are grateful for the amazing time we could spend together and will always remember it fondly.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is the MMO/RTS hybrid developed by Blueside and published in the west by Gameforge. The titles has been in operation in the west for less than two years.

Source: Steam

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