Project Gorgon Makes Another Kickstarter Run


Project Gorgon is a fantasy MMO set to launch on PC, Mac, and eventually Linux. You may remember the game from its previous attempt at Kickstarter, at which developer Eric Heimburg (who worked on both Asheron’s Calls and the never-surfaced Star Trek Online by Perpetual Entertainment) missed a goal of $55 thousand. Heimburg’s wife, Sandra Powers, may be a little more identifiable as the producer of Everquest II and Asheron’s Call.

Project Gorgon is available to download a very early access version. The goal is to charge a $5 subscription, however free to play is not off the table.

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City of Titans Breaks $675,000 As Clock Hits Midnight



Missing Worlds Media never stood a chance of failure, not if its devoted community has anything to say about it. As the sun sets on the City of Titans Kickstarter campaign, the team comes out with a grand total of over six hundred seventy five thousand dollars. That level of pledge ensures the release of the City of Titans character creator app on iOS and Android, a Mac version of the game available at launch, auras and travel powers, wings, more powers, and more costume sets.

The success of this venture into crowd funded and community-built gaming is truly impressive, and we wish the best of luck to our friends at Missing Worlds Media. Now comes the hard part.

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City of Titans Interview At Worlds Factory


City of Titans, formerly The Phoenix Project, has blown through its Kickstarter goal and currently sits well over four hundred thousand with twenty days left to go in the campaign. Our friends over at Worlds Factory managed to get a word in with Chris “Warcabbit” Hare from Missing Worlds Media to give a few more details about City of Titans.

The core of our game will be a “Themepark” ride, and it will be relatively easy for a new player to follow that all the way to the end. But as they learn to play, and as they explore, more and more gameplay will open up to them, all the way to writing their own stories, making their own enemies to fight, designing their own maps, and running other people through them.”

Check out the full interview at the link below.

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City of Titans Kickstarter Hits 50% At Day One


It is nearly 1:30am EST at the time of this writing. After just a day on Kickstarter, Missing Worlds Media’s funding drive for City of Titans has raked in over $150,000 with the money just pouring in. With success seemingly in the bag, Missing Worlds Media has 31 of its 32 days left to make up the remaining 50% of the goal. The team posted an update on the Kickstarter page noting their surprise at the reaction. So far 1,134 backers have pledged to the campaign.

We’ve been working on that teaser video pretty hard. But we’ve been working on all the individual parts in parallel. We’ve got some scenes we didn’t use, and I think you’ll like them. We’ll have another video or two for you, and maybe more and newer things to show you, in a week or two.

You can check out the City of Titans Kickstarter at the link below or follow the campaign on our sidebar all month.

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Face of Mankind's Successful Kickstarter


Face of Mankind is a game of player interaction, an open faction system and player-driven economy in a completely dynamic universe. Fall of the Dominion is a restructuring of Face of Mankind, transforming the MMO and bringing it into a new decade with player-created factions, improved combat capabilities, crafting, exploration, progression, and more. Nexeon Technologies launched the Kickstarter for Fall of the Dominion back in early May, and the project is hitting its final days with successful funding just out of reach. With three days to go, the team needs a little over five hundred dollars to complete the funding effort, which will likely be achieved by the time you read this.

Perhaps what is most impressive is the dedication of the community. With three hundred twelve backers donating forty nine thousand dollars, the average donation comes out to nearly one hundred sixty dollars per person, a figure swayed by the few pledges in the multiple thousands (including one six thousand dollar pledge). If you haven’t had a chance to check out Fall of the Dominion, I highly recommend checking out the Kickstarter video below.

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Kickstarters For You: Pathfinder Online

Pathfinder Online has been featured here at MMO Fallout several times, mostly to discuss the more hardcore routes that the themepark/sandbox hybrid would like to take. From old Everquest corpse runs to bounty systems and everything in between, Pathfinder is the dream of some well known names in the gaming  and role playing businesses. From CEO Ryan Scott Dancey (Chief Marketing Officer at CCP Games) to Lisa Stevens (Vampire The Masquerade), Mark Kalmes (City of Heroes) and a guy named Richard Baker (3rd edition of some indie pen and paper game called Dungeons and Dragons), Pathfinder Online is bringing together all of the big names to hopefully put out the best MMO on the market.

However names don’t pay the bills, and allegedly neither do pictures of seven legged spiders. So Pathfinder Online is on Kickstarter (see: Title), and needs your dosh. The goal to meet is $50,000 by Friday, June 8th. You can head over to the Kickstarter page linked below for a trailer and much more information as to the game itself, including some cool rewards for pledging your lods of emone.

Remember: Kickstarter is a method for aspiring companies to get funding and start out on a closer relationship with their consumers. Your pledge will not be charged until the Kickstarter fund ends (June 8th in this case), and if the goal is not reached you will not be billed at all.

Kickstarter Page

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