Gaming For Good Raising $20 Million For Charity


While other gaming websites are busy declaring the death of the gamer, they’ve managed to ignore Gaming For Good, a charity platform that brings gamers togethers and rewards donations with video games. The way the system works is that you donate to get points, and those points can be spent on game keys. Gaming for Good doesn’t see a single cent of the donations, and neither do the game developers: the keys are all donated, and there are some triple-a titles on that list.

At the time that this article is published, Gaming for Good has raised $19.8 million of the $20 million goal, and that is in less than three days. The charity event ends on the 19th, so if you have some extra clams, it’d be nice if you could throw some their way. Even if you don’t want any games.

Save the Children is working to reduce the number of malnutrition-related deaths among children under five and women in Ethiopia. ENGINE is the main preventive integrated nutrition project that contributes to this Save the Children impact on the life of Ethiopian Children.

(Source: Gaming For Good)

Jagex Declares Runefest 2014 "Most Successful."


Jagex has declared this year’s Runefest, a convention for RuneScape fans, the most successful to date. At the festival held at London’s Tobacco Dock, Jagex revealed Chronicle, a collectible card game due to release next year. The convention played host to numerous presentations, Q&A sessions with developers, cosplay events, and other distractions.

At the center of the event, of course, was Jagex’s flagship title RuneScape. In addition to congratulating the game for its continued growth, a 20% bump in subscribers in July alone, design director Mark Oglive took to the stage to announce RuneLabs, an upcoming platform where players will be able to formally suggest ideas to be implemented, giving the community the chance to vote on said updates. RuneScape’s 2015 content schedule was partially revealed, with major updates including world events and a brand new client on their way.

Perhaps most impressive is the notation that 40% of Runefest attendees did not pay a dime of real money for their tickets, buying them using in-game wealth through RuneScape’s PLEX-esque Bond items.

The event also bore witness to an unprecedented broadening of RuneScape bonds usage. The digital currency allowed 40% of RuneFest attendees to obtain event tickets through their in-game wealth. Furthermore, a number of players used bonds to ‘pay’ for their accommodation and flights to the event, allowing them to attend RuneFest without spending a penny of real world money.

More details on Runefest revelations will be made available in the coming months.

(Source: Jagex press release)

City of Steam Merging US Servers


City of Steam developer Mechanist Games has announced that the three US servers will be merged into one, bringing gamers together and dealing with waning populations. The merger is set to take place on October 21st and is expected to require four to five hours of downtime. Players from servers 2 and 3 will receive compensation in the form of subscription time and resources to compensate for the head start that players on server 1 received by launching several months ahead of the other two.

European players can fire an email off to Mechanist Games to receive a similar compensation.

(Source: City of Steam)

Planetside 2 Automated Turrets Being Balanced


Sony Online Entertainment is currently planning on implementing automated turrets into Planetside 2, and is soliciting feedback via the forums and through an update set to hit the public test server in the next few weeks. Turrets will be stationary objects, likely only available to the engineer class, and the hope is to release them in November/December.

“The current plan is to have a stress test on the Public Test Server with prototype turrets in late October/early November to evaluate server performance. We’ll need a sizable population on PTS to get useful data so we’ll organize a time, date and testing instructions when we’re ready. If our tests go well, we are aiming for auto-turrets to go live late November/early December.”

How should automated turrets be implemented in Planetside 2?

(Source: PCGamesN)

Turbine Layoffs Confirmed Over Twitter

Screenshot 2014-10-15 at 12.54.49 PM

It looks like Turbine is going through a round of layoffs. Earlier today, former Community Manager Rick Heaton tweeted “Thinking of my friends at #Turbine and #LOTRO and elsewhere today. I’m easy to find if you need me.” When asked if his tweet was related to layoffs at Turbine, he responded “sadly.”

The comment has seemingly been backed by another former Turbine employee, Robert Hess, who tweeted “My thoughts go out to my buddies over at Turbine today. Sounds like a round of layoffs. If folks need anything let me know.” Turbine has not yet commented to confirm or deny these claims.

(Source: Massively)

World of Warcraft is Dying: Subscriptions Increase


As World of Warcraft continues its descent to an early death, Blizzard has revealed that World of Warcraft has seen a bump in subscribers. The MMO behemoth is currently sitting at 7.4 million, six hundred thousand more subscribers, as of October 14th. The imminent release of Warlords of Draenor expansion is no doubt bringing players back, as the game receives a bump with each expansion’s release.

Warlords of Draenor launches in November.

(Source: WoW Insider)

Wildstar Merger Nukes Low Level Inactive Characters

WildStar64 2014-05-08 13-17-37-21

Carbine Studios is set to launch the Wildstar megaservers this week, on Wednesday October 15th. Players will be grouped into one of four servers, based on their physical location (US and EU) and server type (PvE or PvP). Due to the complicated nature of the merger, Carbine Studios is expecting a downtime of twelve to twenty four hours, which will be compensated in the form of thirty Boom-Boxes and an extra day of game time. To avoid naming issues, players will be required to create unique surnames. Guilds with conflicting names will hand priority over to the oldest guild, with the newer one being forced to change its name.

As part of the update, characters under level 3 that are inactive (not logged in within 30 days of the merger) will be deleted.

(Source: Wildstar)

Final Fantasy XIV GOTY Edition Coming


Square Enix has announced a new limited edition of Final Fantasy XIV, set to hit the PC in mid-November. Dubbed the Game of the Year Edition, this box includes a “Book of Diamonds” Grimoire box, five exclusive art cards, and 30 days of playtime, as well as the base game and all content updates. In addition, players will receive an extra card for sixty days of playtime, making for a full 90 days. Players who want to get in now are welcome to give the fourteen day trial a look.

Look for the Final Fantasy XIV GOTY Edition on store shelves beginning next month.

(Source: Square Enix Press Release)

RuneScape Ditches HTML5, Introducing New Client


Jagex just announced at RuneFest that the HTML5 client, originally planned for launch with RuneScape 3 last year, hasn’t worked out. The expectation was that the technology would be optimized in time, and sadly it has sorely lagged behind. Rather than pushing ahead with what is likely to be an unwinnable situation, Jagex has announced a new client for RuneScape that will hopefully rid the game of Java’s limitations. The beta is expected to go live in a few months, no precise ETA, that players will be able to join in on.

Stay tuned for more details.


Wildstar State of the Game

WildStar64 2014-05-08 13-12-45-60

Carbine Studios has released the latest State of the Game address for Wildstar. After hitting some hurdles with population and having to drop their monthly update plan, Mike Donatelli posted a list of updates that are currently in the works for the next update. Players can look forward to new zones, new lore, and other content updates in addition to the tackling of long standing bugs in need of squashing.

  • Two new chapters of content, including solo, five-player, and 20-man events.
  • Fully voiced NPCs in new zones.
  • Option to skip the tutorial on alts.
  • Various improvements to low level zones.
  • Combat balances.
  • Bug fixes and long-demanded tweaks to UI, mechanics, and more.

(Source: Wildstar)

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