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Top 5: Lessons We Should Learn From Infinite Crisis

This week Turbine Entertainment announced that Infinite Crisis is shutting down, news that shouldn’t have really been a big surprise given the game’s extended development period, stretched out beta, lack of promotion, and how Turbine was throwing $50 cash packs in with Nvidia graphics cards. Infinite Crisis isn’t the only game I’m going to talk about […]

3000AD Announces Line of Defense Digital Comics

Line of Defense is the upcoming MMOFPS by 3000AD, and while the game is still a long way from release, you can already get your hands on the first copy of the companion comic book. In a recent press release, DC Comics has confirmed that it will publish a twelve chapter series based on the […]

Alganon Comic Book Coming This Year

I know what you’re thinking, and put your calendars away because we’re talking serious brass tacks here. Not too long ago, Derek Smart announced that Alganon would be receiving a comic book, with the first issue taking place before the upcoming expansion, revealing more about the third race coming to Alganon: The Ourobani. In a […]

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