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Derek Smart Returns: Free To Play, Line of Defense, Lockboxes

It’s been a while since we last talked to Derek Smart. A year and a half, almost, if you’ve been keeping count. Last time we talked about Quest Online and Alganon, focusing on aspects of free to play and how Quest Online was promoting the game. With the approach of Line of Defense and a […]

Line of Defense Digital Comic Now Available

Line of Defense doesn’t release for a good while yet (first quarter of 2013), but that doesn’t mean you can’t brush up on the game’s lore before. Similar to Alganon, 3000AD has teamed up with DC Comics to create the first of three comic books for Line of Defense. With names like Brian Ching (Dark […]

Line of Defense Will Be On Steam

Small update on 300AD. While certain factors have prevented Alganon from being released on the digital distribution platform, I can confirm through several anonymous sources (all of them named Derek Smart) that Line of Defense will be available on Steam. “LOD is definitely coming to Steam; since I already have my other games on there.” […]

Quick Look: Alganon, Fall of the Ourobani Comic

I review Alganon’s comic book: Fall of the Ourobani.

Derek Smart Talks: Alganon, Free To Play

I know what you’re thinking: “Omali, you clearly don’t have a punchline ready for this segment,” and you would be one hundred percent correct, but I have good news. In my continuing efforts to branch MMO Fallout from the normalcy of sarcastic comments, random videos, rants, sales, and “I told you so” moments, I’ve decided […]

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