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Elder Scrolls Online Is “Huge and Thriving”

In celebration of Elder Scrolls Online’s second anniversary, game director Matt Firor has taken to the official website to reminisce on the past two years. In addition to showcasing his own character’s progress since the 2014 launch, Firor also noted that the community is ‘huge and thriving,’ a statement that will no doubt be questioned […]

Elder Scrolls Online DLC Owners Get Free Vanity Pets

If you purchased the Thieves Guild or Orsinium DLC packs, you have a new vanity pet waiting for you. Orsinium owners will receive an Echalette pet while Thieves Guild will receive a Jackal to follow them around on their adventures. The pets require completion of a very simple achievement, simply walk into the area introduced […]

Elder Scrolls Online Introduces You To The Thieves Guild

The third DLC pack for The Elder Scrolls Online introduces players to the Thieve’s Guild, an organization that the player finds in shambles. Players travel to Abah’s Landing in southern Hammerfell to join the guild, and must work to rebuild it back to its former glory. Membership in the guild has many benefits, including a […]

Play Elder Scrolls Online For Free, Unless You Can’t

Elder Scrolls Online is free this weekend for anyone who has yet to make the purchase. Well, not everyone. Xbox One players should have no problem just getting in and starting once the weekend goes live, but everyone else is going to have some issues. First, Playstation 4 players can’t get in on the weekend […]

Elder Scrolls Online: Orsinium Game Pack Now Available

The latest game pack for Elder Scrolls Online is now available for purchase, billed as the largest DLC game pack to date. Orsinium clocks in with over twenty hours of story content, not to mention new dungeons, new powerful equipment, a new solo challenge, and more. The update brings in content to all players with […]

ESO Players Can Craft XP Potions

Zenimax Online Studios recently introduced experience boosters to The Elder Scrolls Online in the form of Crown Experience Scrolls. The scrolls cost 1000 crowns for a pack of five, provide 50% bonus to ALL experience gains, do not stack, and last two hours apiece. To appease critics, Zenimax also introduced a new brewing recipe: Psijic […]

Elder Scrolls Online Drops On Consoles Today

Console gamers have reason to rejoice, as today marks the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 and Xbox One. Or not, if you’re one of the players having trouble logging in. The sheer number of players logging into the console servers during the midnight launch caused some issues with stability and the login […]

Zenimax Disabling Accounts With Fraudulent Keys

If you purchased The Elder Scrolls Online through grey market resellers like G2A or similar websites, you may be the unlucky recipient of a notice that your account has been disabled until you purchase a legitimate copy of the game. Zenimax Studios has been identifying fraudulent cards and disabling the accounts using them, with users […]

Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Is Now Available

The Elder Scrolls Online is now available free of subscription. Anyone who previously purchased the game will already be able to log in with access to the base game and all of its updates up to this point. Subscribers are automatically boosted to ESO Plus, and receive the associated bonuses. More information can be found […]

Elder Scrolls Online: Be Careful Who You Buff

Criminal accomplices beware, for your misdeeds may set you on the wrong side of the law. Players in Elder Scrolls Online are reporting that, following the justice update, it is possible to rack up a substantial bounty simply through healing an outlaw via area of effect spells. This remains the case even if the healing […]

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