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Food Reviews: FPS Gaming Supplement

Those of you who read MMO Fallout know that I’m a hardcore gamer with hardcore gamer needs. Coffee? Forget that casual nonsense, I mainline Red Bull and Mountain Dew via IV drip 24 hours a day. I’ve had six heart attacks in the last forty five seconds, but you wouldn’t know it while I’m 360 […]

Rappelz Shutting Down Its Hardcore Server

The latest expansion for Rappelz has been confirmed for release later in 2016, but for now Webzen has important information for those still playing on the hardcore server. Due to a lack of popularity among the game’s userbase, Webzen has officially announced that the server will close down in just a few months. Server migration […]

Chronicles of Elyria: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Chronicles of Elyria is getting a huge amount of attention thanks to its Kickstarter campaign, currently at $673,000 out of $900,000 with 25 days to go in its campaign. A lot of the attention comes from the very unique concept that the game bases itself on, that your character actually grows up, lives, and eventually […]

Brace For Death, Deadman Season 2 Begins

Welcome to Deadman mode. On these worlds, you die. RuneScape’s Deadman Mode has proven to be a rather successful spinoff to Old School, requiring players to stay on their toes as death means heavy losses in experience, inventory, and bank. To keep things exciting, Jagex began a seasonal Deadman mode, allowing players to level up […]

DarkScape Drops Multiple Banks, Multiple Grand Exchanges

The whole point of experimenting is to test new ideas, and that means a high likelihood that those ideas will be scrapped as unusable for one reason or another. In DarkScape, today’s update marks the removal of the three separate bank and Grand Exchanges. In order to add danger to DarkScape, Jagex had separated the […]

MMOments: Deadman Is DarkScape Plus Punishment

Deadman Mode is DarkScape plus punishment, a statement that should be instantly endearing to anyone who tried out the RS3 mode and found it too accommodating to rushers and griefers. If you’re looking for Old School RuneScape with more rogue-like features, this is the place to be. If you’re not willing to lose a lot, […]

Jagex Releases DarkScape: Hardcore RuneScape

Today marks the launch of an experimental new version of RuneScape, one which none of you likely saw coming. DarkScape, as it has been called, is a new version of RuneScape with a twist. Unlike its relatively safe counterpart, everywhere in DarkScape is open for player vs player combat. You can be attacked at any […]

Ironman Mode Considered For RuneScape

The RPG community is one that is constantly challenging itself to complete games in new and unconventional ways. We’ve talked about this before on Dungeons & Dragons Online, where some communities institute perma-death, deleting their characters if they die. As unofficial challenges, of course, participation is completely based on the honor code. There is no […]

I Don’t Think Divergence Is A Serious Game

Divergence Online is the next up and coming hardcore indie sandbox, and you can go ahead and stop reading there if you are as tired of that sentence as I am. Maybe it is the four years of writing MMO Fallout that has made me jaded, but when I hear about an indie hardcore sandbox […]

Everquest Next Avoiding Bad Design Decisions

For some reason I will never understand, members of the free to play sandbox community have taken Everquest Next to be Sony Online Entertainment’s answer to games like Mortal Online and Darkfall: free for all deathmatching with full loot and hardcore gameplay. Apparently I wasn’t the only one wondering why Sony would make such a […]

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