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Is Relic Localizing Phantasy Star Online 2?

Earlier this year, gamers were dismayed to hear that Phantasy Star Online 2 would likely not be making it to the west, despite the game being fully translated into English for certain Asian regions. The news wasn’t a definite no, but allegedly Sega doubts the game’s ability to gain traction in Europe and the Americas. […]

Top 5: MMOs That We Can’t Have

Being a somewhat impatient person is rather incompatible with writing about the MMO genre, an industry where waiting is merely half the battle. Between games announced half a decade before their intended release and those launched in Korea, China, or Japan only to take a further few years to make it over to the west, […]

Neverwinter Localizing To More Territories

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that Neverwinter will be making its way around the world with new language and regional translations. In a press release put out by Perfect World Europe BV, the publisher has announced that Cryptic’s upcoming MMO Neverwinter will be localized in Turkey, Poland, and Italy. Players from those regions will be […]

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