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Reminder: Steam Will No Longer Function On Windows XP/Vista Tomorrow

Does anyone still use Windows XP or Vista to play Steam? Unsurprisingly, the answer is yes. According to a November 2018 Steam software/hardware survey, approximately .12% of Steam users are still on Windows XP while Windows Vista is, to put it bluntly, presently unlisted. Presumably Vista users are lumped into the .09% currently running “other” […]

Neverwinter Dumps Windows XP And Old Video Cards

Neverwinter joins the growing list of games dropping support for older versions of Windows, as with today’s update the client will no longer support Windows XP and video cards that don’t meet a certain Direct3D benchmark. The update was announced back in December as an effort to improve game performance and optimize the player experience. […]

Heroes & Generals Will Drop Support For Windows XP

If you play Heroes & Generals and your computer still operates on Windows XP, at least one of those two will no longer be the case in the coming months. The latest update to Heroes & Generals, dubbed the Zhukov Armored Ambush update, dropped today introducing new vehicles, new weapons, and various tweaks and anti-cheat […]

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