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Not Massive: Microsoft Offering Live Refunds

Microsoft recently announced that the company would be changing its policy to remove a longstanding requirement for Xbox Live gold in order to access streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu. In order to appeal to those who subscribe to Gold solely for these services, Microsoft has announced a partial refund system for those with active […]

Video of the ___: The Xbox Fun

Xbox One? After this commercial, they should call it Xbox Fun. Wait, I already made that joke in the header. This is why you shouldn’t update your website via typewriter, no backspace key.

Reminder: Age of Empires Online Shutting Down July 2014

Games For Windows Live may have been a hulking pile of poorly managed trash, but it was the pile of trash keeping Age of Empires Online…online. In case you missed it, earlier in August Microsoft accidentally updated the Age of Empires Online page to reveal that the service is shutting down on July 1st, 2014. […]

Not Massive: Sony Won’t Ban You For Early Playing

If my childhood is anything to go off of, Sony’s consistent public contradiction of Microsoft is going to net them a belt buckle to the head, you know once the two are out of the public view. Take Two and Rockstar Games have been going insane with shutting down any outlet for pre-release Grand Theft […]

Bethesda Wants Elder Scrolls Online Separated From Xbox Live Fees

Xbox Live Gold requires a monthly subscription in order to play your games online. When you figure that Elder Scrolls Online already has a cover charge of $14.99 a month, this means that Xbox users will be expected to pay 20% more than their PC brethren and possibly PS4 users (Sony has previously said that […]

Microsoft Retires Microsoft Points

Good news, friends on Xbox. If you own an Xbox360, you probably already knew about this update, but Microsoft has officially retired the Microsoft Point. Instead, players will be happy to see that their local currency will be displayed and used when adding to your account coffers and when determining prices of items on the […]

Age of Empires Online Isn’t Shutting Down, Content Development Ceases

You like Age of Empires Online just the way it is, right? Hopefully you do, because Gas Powered Games has announced that future content development has ceased. A small amount of content will be released in the coming weeks, but after that Age of Empires Online will only see a few small changes to fix […]

Age of Empires Online Will Be Free To Play, Not Free To Try

Age of Empires Online has had something of an identity crisis. Although enjoyed by plenty of players, the team at Gas Powered Games has been on the receiving end of some harsh criticism that the game isn’t so much “free to play” as it is “free to try.” Premium civilizations aren’t so much an optional […]

Age of Empires Online: Steam, Price Cuts

This is what happens when you, like me, stop paying attention to an MMO for a while. I’ll admit, Age of Empires Online has been offline for a while in my watch list, but today’s announcement that Age of Empires Online was merely worth a tweet until I noticed one important factor: When did the […]

Mists of Pandaria Dropping Support For Windows 2000

I apologize for this article being about two months late, but in a post on the World of Warcraft forums, Blizzard has announced that in preparation for the launch of Mists of Pandaria later this year, World of Warcraft will no longer be compatible with the Windows 2000 operating system. In preparation for the upcoming […]

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