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Crowdfunding Fraudsters: League of Legends MMO

Fraudster: 2a:  a person who is not what he or she pretends to be :impostor; Dear potential content creators: Stop using unlicensed content as the basis of your projects. It is not only misleading from a consumer standpoint, it is illegal and will result in your campaign being shut down faster than you can say […]

Beta Perspective: Paladins

Hi-Rez Studios is one of those “follow the trend” developers, one that doesn’t seem to have an explicit purpose like Treyarch (first person shooters), Obsidian Entertainment (role playing games), or Sergey Titov (shovelware). Instead, the company’s development history can be summed up as whatever seems to be most popular at the time, with its first two […]

[Rant] Double Standards And The Scrubbed Starting Line

I dove into this topic in my piece about Infinite Crisis last week, but the line between beta and launch has become so blurred in the MMO industry that the whole concept has lost its meaning and many of us in gaming journalism are thoroughly sick of it. Go to virtually any website that reviews MMOs […]

Top 5: Lessons We Should Learn From Infinite Crisis

This week Turbine Entertainment announced that Infinite Crisis is shutting down, news that shouldn’t have really been a big surprise given the game’s extended development period, stretched out beta, lack of promotion, and how Turbine was throwing $50 cash packs in with Nvidia graphics cards. Infinite Crisis isn’t the only game I’m going to talk about […]

SMITE Announced For Xbox One

Hi-Rez Studios came out at Gamescom to announce that the popular PC moba title will be making its way console-side. The ID@Xbox program allows developers of all sizes to bring their games to the Xbox platform, and is the platform through which SMITE will make its way to the console. “As a third-person action game, […]

Transformers MOTA Set For Summer Launch

Jagex’s Transformers Online, or “Not RuneScape” as I have referred to it in the past, has admittedly struggled in its development. Originally announced in 2011 for a 2012 release date, Jagex announced at the back end of 2012 that Transformers Online would be completely repurposed as a MOBA-style game and released in 2013. Why? Because […]

Nab Alpha Access To End of Nations

Raptr has teamed up with Trion Worlds to give alpha access to End of Nations, the company’s upcoming MOBA title. If you aren’t already acquainted with the program, Raptr is a program that tracks achievements and playtime, not to mention serving as an instant messenger and a place to congregate and discuss your favorite games […]

End of Nations Is Now A MOBA

Remember when End of Nations was set to go into open beta? Over seven months ago when Petroglyph underwent massive layoffs and Trion had to take over development? All’s been quiet on the Russian front for over half of a year, and now we know why: Much like Jagex Ltd did with Transformers Universe, Trion […]

$10,000 SMITE Tournament At PAX East

As a MOBA, SMITE is somewhat reliant on attracting the competitive eSports gamers, and that can only mean one thing: Tournaments. In a press release circulated today, Hi-Rez Studios has announced an upcoming 5v5 tournament at Penny Arcade Expo East from March 22nd through 24th. Eight teams will compete to dip their collective hands into […]

Funcom Q2 2012 Highlights

Funcom’s second quarter finances are out, and the results are rather predictable. Since we already know from previous reports that The Secret World failed to meet up to Funcom’s expectations, and greatly so, it comes as little surprise that the recently launched MMO has pulled in less than half of Funcom’s previous “Conan-like” scenario. The […]

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