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RaiderZ Is Coming Back: Masangsoft Takes Over Development

It’s been a long time since we talked about RaiderZ, the titular MMO that despite being shut down in Europe way back in 2013 managed to survive another two years until developer MAIET Entertainment also went bankrupt, forcing Perfect World Entertainment to stop publishing as certain critical bugs could not be fixed. Well, two years […]

RaiderZ Getting Shut Down In August

When I interviewed Perfect World Entertainment back in 2013, we were assured that despite servers shutting down in Europe and Korea, that business would continue as usual. That business, I assume was solely predicated on the continuing survival of MAIET Entertainment, the game’s developer. Well MAIET Entertainment as a company is dead and buried, and […]

Perfect World Talks: RaiderZ

RaiderZ is an action-combat game from the minds of MAIET Entertainment, the folks behind GunZ: The Duel and GunZ 2. Released in 2012 as a free to play MMO, RaiderZ features active combat which places an emphasis on dodging and blocking incoming attacks, as well as an emphasis on crafting and big boss fights. Sadly, […]

RaiderZ Shutting Down In Korea

It feels like just a month ago that were were discussing RaiderZ shutting down in Europe. Because it was. Just under a month, actually, since Gameforge announced that RaiderZ would be shutting down. Further to the east, Neowiz has announced rather unexpectedly that RaiderZ will also be shutting down its services in Korea. The servers […]

Gameforge Shutting Down RaiderZ Europe

As the MMO market continues its march towards heavy saturation, it is our duty at MMO Fallout to inform you whenever another title sees its services come to an end. Gameforge has announced that they will be shutting down all support for the action MMO RaiderZ in its hosted territories. As Gameforge is merely the […]

[Community] First Impressions Are Everything

Jbuck1984 over on Reddit wants RaiderZ developer MAIET Entertainment to know that it took him ten minutes to decide that the MMO wasn’t worth investing the time into. Simple: Upon entering the game, Jbuck1984 was immediately greeted by a spam bot that could not be blocked due to poor UI and an impossible to read […]

Why Aren’t You Playing: RaiderZ Part 1

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me “hey Omali, check out this new MMO from Korea, it is totally different,” I would put those nickels in a sock and use it to beat those people unconscious. And yet, half because I know it won’t go anywhere and half because I enjoy […]

This Week In Launches: Dual Wielding Shotguns

Happy days are here! November 20th has come and gone, and left us with a little early Christmas present. Over on the browser side, Jagex has finally unleashed the Evolution of Combat. After five months of strenuous beta testing, the update went live on servers Tuesday to some mixed but mostly positive reactions by the […]

Falling Out #16: Cheap Gold, Fast Delivery, RaiderZ

RaiderZ would be a great place to chat, if you could over the mass gold spam in the first main city.

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