NM: Black Ops Cold War Alpha Isn’t Quite Free In Japan/Germany

You’ll need to do something extra.

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Mortal Online 2 Has A $2,500 “Donation Package”

With a lifetime subscription.

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Outbreak New Dawn Alters Alpha Date At Last Minute

Sergey Titov’s new title is already not meeting deadlines.

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Wild Terra 2 Alpha Starts February 20

Play in the sandbox.

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Mad World MMO Isn’t Dead, Actually

All around me are familiar faces…

Mad World is still alive and kicking, and this week the developers over at Jandi Soft broke a small stretch of silence to announce that release is still on schedule for 2020. The full post goes into all sorts of details on coming features including the renovation of chapter one, your companion character Dawn, pets, travel, facial expressions, and more!

“Lunar New Year-year of the rat-has come and we want to take this opportunity to shed some light on our current progress, giving you a sneak-peek of what we’ve been working on. We plan to post this sort of dev letter more often so stay around!”

More information as well as new years messages from the team can be found at the link below.

Source: Mad World

Demonstrably: Citywars Savage Is A Cute Little Demo

This week I played the demo for an upcoming MMO called Citywars Savage.

Citywars Savage is a quaint little upcoming MMORPG with a pretty cool premise. On the surface the game promises hack and slash combat coupled with crafting and resource management. Dig a little deeper and on the list of planned features you’ll find the ability to build and claim your own territory to battle against other players and their cities.

The demo itself took me roughly 45 minutes to play through, it takes you through a mostly linear pathway where you’ll learn how to make money, how to buy and equip better gear, and battle it out against the monsters dotting the small landscape. If Citywars showcases any idea well, it’s how good you can make a game look with some filters, lighting, and fog effects. It runs great, and ends with you killing the Death Knight.

Of course the big feature that’s being advertised with Citywars is the ability to hire and program your own NPCs. Looking at the store page, Citywars will have a graphical interface to streamline the process of coding your own NPCs to do stuff like gather resources and handle crafting while you’re out doing better things. I’ll be fully satisfied if I can program my NPCs to chatter while they are going about their business. It’ll be like having my own RuneScape bot farm.

I’m pretty sure I also encountered a dev while playing, as the game has voice chat and immediately zipped over to me and started chatting about how to access various interfaces. Now that’s customer service.

I can’t wait for more of Citywars to come out and I recommend checking out the short alpha that is available on Steam.

Kickstarter Catchup: Fractured – The Dynamic MMO

It’s dynamic! Boogie woogie woogie.

For today’s piece I wanted to discuss a little game called Fractured – The Dynamic MMO. Mostly I wanted to start this column off with MMOs that have a chance of coming out positive before I dive deep into those that were incompetent or possibly outright scams. Fractured is a 3D MMO that raised over £111,000 way back in the yesteryear of June 2018. The game actually hit two stretch goals, that being a hardcore survival challenge in a procedurally generated dungeon, and hatchling dragon pets for backers. Awesome.

But what about the game itself? Fractured advertises itself as an open world sandbox MMO with a fully interactive environment. What does that mean?

It features three races, that of man, beastman, and demon. Humans can be good or evil, beastmen are evidently good nature-loving hippies, and demons are probably doomed to be evil. Just my assumption.

“Levels, skills, achievements. These classic progression patterns always have one thing in common: the grind. In Fractured, an innovative take on horizontal progression allows you to enjoy the freedom and level playing field of a MOBA without losing the persistence and sense of progression of a real MMO.”

I don’t know what that means. By innovative progression, they mean they’re doing the Eve Online thing and just giving you points over time.

“In Fractured, Knowledge Points can be seen as your personal progression currency: you acquire them over time while playing the game, and you can spend them to obtain Talent Points and start learning new abilities.”

By the looks of promised features, Fractured has everything you could hope for from a modern day Ultima Online. Player owned cities, player crafting being the major source of powerful equipment, cartography, a player-driven economy, building houses, open PvP, and destructible environments.

So where does Fractured sit right now? The game just ran its second alpha test and things are looking pretty good. More tests will be conducted in August and September with a clearer roadmap promised to be on the way.

If you want to keep up with Fractured, check out the official website.

Bad Press: The Curious Case Of Anthem And Stream Bans

For today’s bad press, I’m going to single out a certain Youtuber who goes by The Quartering even though he isn’t the only offender here.

In case you haven’t been paying attention to Youtube drama news over the past couple of days, an incident occurred last week after a user began streaming alpha footage of Anthem, the upcoming game by Electronic Arts. Anthem is still under a nondisclosure agreement, meaning anyone playing it is not allowed to talk about it or show it to the general public. These NDAs are very common in the gaming industry both for official testers and members of the press. I am personally under at least one NDA at any given time, usually in regards to timed press releases.

In this specific case, a number of Twitch users clipped a stream in which the user is booted from Anthem only to find that not only has EA revoked his copy of Anthem, but that his entire library is just gone. More interesting, it didn’t seem that the user’s account was banned, but just that his library was emptied by EA.

Cue the outrage, dial up the EA hate squad, and tell my wife I won’t be coming home for dinner. An unknown user has posted video of an unverified story with unfounded accusations and generally no real evidence to back up the claim. When has anyone ever lied on the internet? Why wouldn’t it make sense for EA to just wipe an account with no warning or notification, instead of simply banning the player? Did anyone receive confirmation that the guy even owned any games on the account? Did anyone follow up with the streamer? Did anyone follow up with Electronic Arts? Did anyone do any critical thinking or investigation whatsoever?

But the pesky concept of facts and evidence didn’t stop Youtube channels like The Quartering and the internet’s dramasphere from jumping on the drama with an overblown and arguably reckless disregard for the truth, with the headline “EA STEALS Players Entire Collection Over Anthem Alpha Stream!” What games did the user lose? I’m sure Jeremy can’t tell you and hasn’t performed any actual research outside of reading an article he found online. He even reads in the video that it is possible that Anthem was the sole item in the user’s library but continues regardless with the baseless accusation that EA STOLE from him.

I’m singling out The Quartering mostly because of Jeremy’s consistent advertisement of an Indiegogo campaign for Exclusively Games, a service that he is launching in order to get the politics out of games and focus on the games journalism. The campaign claims to be tired of “the same BS Hot Takes from our existing options in terms of video game news,” and yet here’s Jeremy. Making BS Hot Takes, putting out conclusive headlines with no real evidence. Imagine if he had, say, checked the user’s stream and was able to find a clip where it showed prior to entering the game that there were no games in the user’s account?

None of this changes the fact that EA would be within their rights to ban the user’s account for violating the nondisclosure agreement, and that an account ban would be the least of the person’s worries depending on the terms of the contract. But hey, everyone hates EA right now. Why bother putting in the basic amount of research or verifying the facts when few people are going to come to their defense?

Is this the kind of integrity that $68 grand buys?

Alpha Signups Open For Rend, Open World Survival Game

Starting today, players will be able to get their hands on the invite-only alpha test for Rend, an upcoming faction-based fantasy survival game from Frostkeep Studios. Frostkeep is a new independent studio made up of a number of industry veterans from World of Warcraft, Overwatch, League of Legends, and more.

Launching into early access later this year, Rend promises to challenge gaming tropes by introducing factional combat, RPG mechanics, win/loss conditions, and more into a world of survival.

“Our goal at the start of this project was to continuously grow and improve Rend by gathering direct feedback from our players every step of the way,” said Jeremy Wood, co-founder and CEO, Frostkeep Studios. “As we lovingly craft this game with the help of our players, this project remains just as much theirs as it is ours, and this public alpha marks a significant milestone as we offer even more players around the world the opportunity to enter the world of Rend and join our community.”

More details can be found on the official Steam page. Alpha signups can be found on the official website.

(Source: Press Release)

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