Fortnite Releases New Currency, It’s Broken

Gather feathers to unlock masks. Or don’t.

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Fortnite Adds Pizza Party Consumable

Fleens? You’re not Fleens. Whoever you are, make me a pizza!

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Star Vault Awarded Epic Mega Grant

Get that money.

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Fortnite Remains Offline Due To Server Issues

Alcohol levels reach critically low levels in households with children.

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Epic Games Store Now Has A Cart

It has a cart now.

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Easy Anti-Cheat Now Supports Linux

After Epic makes the system free.

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Fortnite Players Obsessing Over Roaming Cubes

Potential story spoilers ahead.

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Fortnite Season 8: What’s New?

A lot, actually.

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Apple Denies Fortnite Again, In Korea

Following new Korean legislation supporting third parties.

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Epic Games Opens Self Publishing Beta

Platform hopes to become more like Steam.

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