Triad Wars Update Boosting Level Cap

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The August update for Triad Wars is coming and will boost the current level cap for all players from 30 to 50. As players level up, their gangs will now level with them, creating new challenges for raids and new defenses for players raiding your turf. In addition, weapons will now be level-based with higher level weapons carrying more damage potential.

The enforcer level cap has been increased from 30 to 50. You will keep your current level, but what that level means has changed. We have removed the old upgrade screen and in its place we have a whole new leveling and upgrades system for you:

Leveling up now also unlocks slots that can be used to customize your character, unlock new moves, etc. Overall, the update will apparently make it easier to earn face and level up, especially by taking on higher level enemies.

A release date on the update has not been set.

(Source: Triad Wars)

Marvel Heroes Patch Introduces Major Bugs, Emergency Maintenance Coming

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Gazillion Entertainment launched the latest patch for Marvel Heroes, leaving a lot of broken pieces in its wake. Players are reporting latency issues, poor performance in certain areas, and an inability to get into the game at all. To top things off, some (including yours truly) are experiencing disconnections with the error “error saving characters, please contact support,” kicking them off of the server and losing approximately ten minutes of progression in the process.

There are a metric ton of errors being reported across the game and cash shop as part of the patch, and the general consensus among many is to just leave the game alone until Gazillion has a chance to fix it. Luckily, an emergency patch is set to go live in a few hours, at 10pm Pacific (1am Eastern).

We’re currently planning for the emergency patch to fix this issue and a few others for 10PM PDT tonight. Will keep you updated once I know for sure with an officiall announcement.

For those of you who were looking to get your Marvel Heroes fill tonight, well you can always brave it out and hope you don’t get hit by the ‘error saving characters’ bug. Just be aware that if you open up lockboxes and you get disconnected losing your progress, you’ll have to re-open them.

(Source: Marvel Heroes)

Return To Eorzea This Month: Get High Level Gear


Square Enix is gearing up for the launch of Heavensward, the first expansion to Final Fantasy XIV, out June 23rd, and now so can you. For players who left FFXIV but plan to come back for the launch of Heavensward, Square Enix is offering ten silver chocobo feathers that can be swapped for iLevel 120 equipment. The offer only applies to those who haven’t been active since before April 1st.

Players who have subscribed to FINAL FANTASY XIV prior to March 31, 2015 and have not logged into the game between Wednesday, April 1, 2015 and Sunday, June 7, 2015.

(Source: FFXIV)

APB Reloaded Server Merge And New Engine


APB Reloaded is on track and ready for the North American server merge this Tuesday, June 2nd. The recent merger of APB’s European server into Citadel saw increased activity from new and returning players, and Reloaded Productions is hoping that the same will hold true for the North American server.

In other news, work continues on the upgraded Unreal engine for APB, as seen in the screenshot above. When the new engine launches, APB will require a 64-bit operating system in order to continue playing, leaving a small portion of the community in the dust.

Making the game 64-bit only solves several long-standing memory management and performance issues that we are happy to finally put behind us. But it does mean that a small percentage of machines currently used to play APB will need a new OS in order to continue playing.

You can find out more at the official website.

(Source: APB Reloaded)

Xsyon Continues Month of Updates


Notorious Games has announced the launch of Xsyon’s latest update, introducing a trading post to the post-apocalyptic MMO. The trading post allows for trade with tribes beyond the mist, and accompanies several other tweaks and improvements.

This update sets the stage for many upcoming building uses including infirmaries, welcome stations, taverns, craft workshops and toll gates. Along with the current commissaries, trade totems and quest totems, these building types will help players create active town centers to bring together players old and new.

More information can be obtained at the Xsyon official website.

(Source: Notorious Games Press Release)

Marvel Heroes Introduces Achievements


Marvel Heroes players have another set of things to collect, with the introduction of in-game achievements. Today’s update adds hundreds of achievements, rewarding players with credits, costumes, pets, and more. Achievements span everything from leveling up, collecting items, defeating enemies, and more.

You can find the announcement at the link below. Also coming with today’s update is new content tasking heroes with battling Ultron, tying in with the new Avengers movie.

(Source: Marvel Heroes)

Meridian 59 Community Takes Over Updates


Here are three words you probably never expected to read: Meridian patch notes. Regardless, yesterday brought with it a new patch for the world’s first 3D open world MMORPG. The changes mostly consist of infrastructure updates, but there are also updates that people have been waiting diligently for since before some of you were born.

We’ve added some improvements that have been on many players’ wish lists for the last 20 years, and also started work towards bringing some major content from the 90s back to the game.

You can create a server 103 account at the website below. Meridian 59 previously had gone open source and is now maintained by its community.

(Source: Open Meridian)

Defiance’s Alcatraz Update Live Today

30-expeditions_blog (1)

Defiance’s latest update Alcatraz is now available. The update introduces a higher level cap, a new zone, new equipment type, and expeditions.

The new zone, Alcatraz, acts as the stage through which players take on expeditions, cooperative maps that task ark hunters with taking on increasingly difficult challenges. Cyber rigs are new equipment that can be customized to improve performance with weapons, shields, and more. There are multiple rigs and chips for customization that can drop during expeditions, or broken down into cyber shards to spend on the Alcatraz vendor.

Also part of the update, Trion Worlds has promised a smoother leveling curve to 6000 EGO score.

(Source: Defiance)

H1Z1 To Introduce Test Servers/Auto-Bans This Week


H1Z1’s next update is scheduled for April 16th, adding improved grouping/friend systems, ironing out more bugs, and introducing throwable weapons. Players will be happy to know that it also introduces a test server so updates can be previewed and (hopefully) tested before they go live.

Bringing up a test server that launches from steam for players to see the latest patch before it comes out

Also going live with Thursday’s update is an improved version of H1Z1’s anti-cheat technology, as well as improvements to the automatic ban system to deal with cheaters in a more efficient manner.

Next week’s update on the 23rd introduces the Steam marketplace where players will be able to trade and sell items for real money, screen effects, zombie virus, and more.

(Source: H1Z1)

Eve Online Unfurls Rhea Expansion


CCP is set on ending 2014 with the release of the latest update Rhea being declared both the last and the largest update of 2014. Rhea adds dozens of new features, new ships, and more to the space MMO, with a reminder that the next big update is just five or six weeks away.

Rhea introduces 100 new wormhole systems, the massive new system called Thera, as well as new exploration sites to be discovered. Several under the hood enhancements have been made to make Eve Online look and handle better, from the modernized UI and WASD keyboard controls, a new physical based rendering system, and upgrades to the Eve star map.

On the potentially more controversial side, Rhea also brings with it the removal of skill point loss and the clone upgrade system upon death, in the name of forcing veterans to risk more while punishing new players less severely. Two new ships and several redesigned spacecraft offer a new way to blast your way through space, or just die and lose all of your minerals.

(Source: CCP Press Release)

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