Diaries From V Rising: Vampire Farmer

I’m a vampire man.

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Steam: Valve Bans (Yet Another) Porn App

After giving developer ultimatum to clean the workshop.

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Cultivation Tales Yanked From Steam

Amid massive server problems.

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Sign Up To Playtest Gundam Evolution

Sign it up now.

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Steam: SourceWorlds Bumps Price 1,360,777.40%

It’s incredibly expensive in Russia.

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Steam: Devs Hike Ruble Prices

Some out of protest, others maybe out of necessity.

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Steam Launches Deck App Checker

Check how much of your library is verified to work.

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Steam: Bro Falls Suspended, Inflates Reviews

Bro Falls pulled from Steam until further notice.

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Steam: Valve Bans Another Troll Dev

Super Benbo Quest self-immolates.

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IPE: Wolfire’s Nonsense Antitrust Lawsuit Died

Because Valve doesn’t do anything proactively.

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