Steam Deck Delayed To February 2022

Updated shipping times will reflect this.

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Valve Silently Kicked Off Population Zero

Game is no longer available for sale, but the soundtrack is.

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Valve Bans NFT Games As Epic Embraces Them

Two diametrically opposite reactions.

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Valve: Don’t Open Steam Deck, Here’s How

Don’t open your Steam Deck, but if you do…

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PSA: Grab These Free THQ Games

Free to keep for the next few days.

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Steam: Valve Bans VR Porn Piracy App

After dev was previously told to crack down on porn.

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Valve Bans Beijing Technology Co. Ltd.

Two developers we suspect may just be the same people.

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Steam: Valve Open Digital Tabletop Fest ’21

Get your registrations in now.

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Hotcakes: SuperHot’s Off-Topic Is Nonsense

It doesn’t make any sense.

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Steam: An Update On That Keyword Spam

Another Steam saga seemingly comes to a close.

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