New Dupe Shuts Down New World Trading

Until Amazon can fix the problem.

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New World Gold Dupe Halts Transfers

Players demand rollbacks.

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Steam: Devs Renaming Games With Keyword Spam

Something is going on with Steam developers.

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Z1BR Shuts Off Trading To Stop Dupes

People are playing Z1 Battle Royale enough to find a dupe exploit.

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Old School RuneScape Sees Item Dupe Surface

Jagex currently investigating.

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Valve Surpasses $1 Million In Bug Bounties

Hackerone posts big rewards.

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Bless Unleashed Reopens Estate Servers After Exploit

Compensation extended to May 26.

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Temtem Clubs Cheaters: Almost 900 Permanently Banned

Temtem developer Crema today fired not so much a warning shot as a warning kill by announcing the ban of nearly 900 accounts from the newly launched MMO. All accounts in question have been permanently banned with no chance of appeal, with Crema stating their 100% confidence that each account has been caught cheating or abusing exploits.

The statement that Crema won’t be reviewing any ban appeals had some members of the community concerned to say the least, as one could cite hundreds of examples of developers messing up and issuing false bans that are later overturned.

Crema has since walked back their comment on a no appeals policy. Players who are banned and believe that it was out of error can appeal their ban by contacting Crema’s support email.

Bethesda Gives Proper Compensation To Fallout 76 Robbery Victims

It’s a new year and that means new second chances. Back over the winter holidays, Fallout 76 suffered a rather embarrassing exploit which allowed players to steal items from another person’s inventory effectively initiating a forced trade. It appears that Bethesda is finally making good on its promise of compensation.

This time around players are reporting that their inventories of lost items have been replaced along with a promised stipend of atoms. Bethesda’s remedy appears to be to clone a version of the player’s character from before the theft with the offer of a free service to transfer items from the cloned character to the non-cloned, presumably further progressed original character.

Source: Polygon via MassivelyOP

PSA: Update Windows 10 Right Now, NSA Posts Critical Vulnerability

You know a security issue is going to be a big problem when the National Security Agency is posting an APB for people to update their computers as soon as possible.

The United States Department of Defense has issued a critical security warning advising users of Windows 10 to ensure that their operating systems are up to date. The NSA identified a vulnerability that will allow malicious software to be installed on a machine by fooling Windows into thinking that it is an official update. The most up to date versions of Windows have allegedly patched this bug, and the department warns that it expects exploits to start cropping up in the very near future.

NSA has discovered a critical vulnerability (CVE-2020-0601) affecting Microsoft Windows®1 cryptographic functionality. The certificate validation vulnerability allows an attacker to undermine how Windows verifies cryptographic trust and can enable remote code execution. The vulnerability affects Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016/2019 as well as applications that rely on Windows for trust functionality. Exploitation of the vulnerability allows attackers to defeat trusted network connections and deliver executable code while appearing as legitimately trusted entities. Examples where validation of trust may be impacted include:

  • HTTPS connections
  • Signed files and emails
  • Signed executable code launched as user-mode processes

The vulnerability places Windows endpoints at risk to a broad range of exploitation vectors. NSA assesses the vulnerability to be severe and that sophisticated cyber actors will understand the underlying flaw very quickly and, if exploited, would render the previously mentioned platforms as fundamentally vulnerable. The consequences of not patching the vulnerability are severe and widespread. Remote exploitation tools will likely be made quickly and widely available. Rapid adoption of the patch is the only known mitigation at this time and should be the primary focus for all network owners.

Source: NSA

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