Ubisoft Sunsetting Hyper Scape

This April.

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Eden: New Dawn Sunset After 81 Days

Developers cite financial troubles.

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Respawn Will Stop Selling Titanfall

Promises to continue the “incredible universe.”

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Gameforge Sunsets Kingdom Under Fire 2

Servers coming down in October.

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Granado Espada Is Also Dead

Shutting down this month.

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Astellia Says Yes, It Is Shutting Down

The weekend’s worst held secret.

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Hotcakes: Is Astellia Shutting Down?

That’s the question.

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Pathfinder Online To Sunset

In one of the most convoluted announcements in history.

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GTA Online Sunsets Legacy Consoles

PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 go offline.

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Hotcakes: Rift Is Totally Getting Shut Down

Because Gamigo told us it isn’t getting shut down.

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