Australian Dev Community Bans Blockchain Devs

Says they won’t be welcome to post their job listings.

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RuneScape Once Again Threatens Gold Buyers

But is their bite as bad as their bark?

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OSRS Players Protest HD Mod Ban

Plans on adding its own mode.

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Valve Bans Beijing Technology Co. Ltd.

Two developers we suspect may just be the same people.

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Destiny 2 Raider Banned Over Username

Bungie bans player after social media outrage.

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Steam: Another Laundering App Banned

Developer Free Will Games gets the boot.

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Valve Bans (Another) Troll Developer

Another developer given the boot.

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Hotcakes: Of Course Wild Terra 2 Has RMT

Juvty Worlds bans real money traders.

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Steam: Valve Bans Another Launderer

And their expensive puzzle game too.

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Bad Dev: Devs Demand Game Ban

Game developers want Six Days In Fallujah banned.

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